Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas gift

My new wallpaper is available. It is Christmas gift to everyone from me, hope you all will like it.

Original art by 士郎 正宗 (Masamune Shirow). The girls name is Cyril Brooklyn and she is from the artbook collection Masamune Shirow's PIECES 2 - Phantom Cats.
The wallpaper is in two versions and in two aspect rations (16:10 and 4:3)

Name: Gift from Cyril
Resolution: 1920x1200 | 1600x1200
Artist: Masamune Shirow

Version 1
- 1920x1200
- 1600x1200

Version 2
- 1920x1200
- 1600x1200

Wallpaper is made from:
- 3 renders
- over 20 layers
- over 60 shape
- 7 masks
- 1 in v1, 2 in v2 adjustments
(if i have count correct)

More wallpapers with art by 士郎正宗千 (Shirow Masamune) are here

PS: thanks to Charlie for the priority validation.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

一騎当千 Xross Impact wallpaper

New wallpaper I have have made. It is to the game IkkiTousen: Xross Impact.
Inspiration to this wallpaper I got from the menu in the game.
I stared this wallpaper long ago, but staled it. But few day ago I have played the game a little and decided to finish this wallpaper. At first I have continued from where I stopped, but then I have made it totally from beginning.
Thanks to elfe-noire43 for the dragon vector I have used on background.

Name: 一騎当千 Xross Impact
Resolution: 1680x1050
Series: Ikkitousen: Xross Impact
Characters: Sonsaku Hakufu, Kan'u Unchou, Ryofu Housen (shadows: Chou'un Shiryuu, Chousen)

Wallpaper is made from:
- 32 layers
- 11 masks
- 3 adjustments
- 3 renders (logo, Chou'un Shiryuu, Chousen)
- 1 vector (dragon by elfe-noire43)
- 1 transparent .png image from internet (Kanu, Hakufu, Ryofu)
(if i have count correct)

More wallpapers to 一騎当千 (IkkiTousen) are here

PS: thanks to IGC for the priority validation.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

new Blog finished

After long time I have finally finished my new blog devoted to my works.
Blog is split in four five sections:
- Home
- Wallpapers
- Vectors
- DVD Covers
- About

here I will post and introduce all my new works.
So in the post will be preview, some info about the work, little comment to it and download link.

here are previews of all my wallpapers with basic info to them and with links to download.
All wallpapers are ordered under they series.
On the top is list of series, games & artists to which i have done wallpapers.

previews of all my vectors with basic info and with links to download.

DVD Covers:
previews of all my DVD covers with basic info and with links to download.

update 1
little info about me

update 2
PS3 | PSP:
wallpapers made for PS3 and PSP XMB

Monday, October 10, 2011

Kan-san & Mou-chan

My latest wallpaper to IkkiTousen. In two versions.

Series: Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor
Characters: Ryomou Shimei, Kan'u Unchou

 "Dragon" version
Resolution: 1920x1200 

"After fight" version
Resolution & Links:
- 1920x1200
- 1600x1200 
Note: Adult image 

More wallpapers to 一騎当千 (IkkiTousen) are here

Friday, September 23, 2011

new blog

Hi everyone,
this is my new blog with my works.
I will focus this blog mostly on my wallpapers and other works i will made, so I will still use blog on My Opera.