Sunday, November 27, 2011

new Blog finished

After long time I have finally finished my new blog devoted to my works.
Blog is split in four five sections:
- Home
- Wallpapers
- Vectors
- DVD Covers
- About

here I will post and introduce all my new works.
So in the post will be preview, some info about the work, little comment to it and download link.

here are previews of all my wallpapers with basic info to them and with links to download.
All wallpapers are ordered under they series.
On the top is list of series, games & artists to which i have done wallpapers.

previews of all my vectors with basic info and with links to download.

DVD Covers:
previews of all my DVD covers with basic info and with links to download.

update 1
little info about me

update 2
PS3 | PSP:
wallpapers made for PS3 and PSP XMB

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