Tuesday, December 18, 2012

IkkiTousen GG - Christmas Angel

My second Christmas wallpaper.
The first Christmas wallpaper I have made was "Gift from Cyril" with Cyril Brooklyn, a original character by 士郎 正宗 (Masamune Shirow). This time, it is Sonsaku Hakufu from 一騎当千 (IkkiTousen) as a Christmas Angel.
This is a little Christmas present from me to everyone. I really hope you will like this wallpaper and that it will do you a good mood on the Christmas.

Name: Christmas Angel
Series: IkkiTousen: Great Guardians
Resolution & Links:
- 1920x1200 (16:10): http://www.theanimegallery.com/gallery/image:157417
- 1920x1080 (16:9): http://www.theanimegallery.com/gallery/image:157419
- 1600x1200 (4:3): http://www.theanimegallery.com/gallery/image:157416
This image is marked as "Erotic". To Download it you need to be logged on theAnimeGallery.com and have the 'Adult filter' set to "Erotic" or "Adult".

Wallpaper made from:
- 22 layers
- 2 renders
- 10 masks
- 6 adjustments
- 1 layer styles
- 1 stock* (2x)
*The angel wing stock is made by Thy-Darkest-Hour, I used the Contrast Wing - Silver and little edited it.
Also I want to thanks Thy-Darkest-Hour for making so wonderful wing.
So if you need wings for your work, I really recommend her wings: Wings PNGs.

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Creation

My new wallpaper is with original art by 白亜右月 (Hakua Ugetsu), one of my most favorite illustrators.

When I have first time see the cover of the artbook VERONICA, I was thinking: "she looks like a goddess". And from that come the idea for this wallpaper.
I was not sure how to show that she looks to me like a goddess, then I came up with that idea she could create something. But what could create?
At first I was thinking on Earth, but It was not looking good (or more I didn't like it). Then after painful considering I have decided for a mountain. For a long time I wanted to add to wallpaper I made something from Slovakia (yes, I'm from that country). So I made it now, the mountain she is creating is Lomnický štít.

Name: The Creation
Artist: Ugetsu Hakua (artist)
Resolution: 1920x1200
Link: http://www.theanimegallery.com/gallery/image:157009
Wallpaper made from:
- 11 layers
- 2 renders
- 12 masks
- 3 adjustments
- 7 layer styles

Saturday, November 10, 2012

PS3 - MGS: Peace Walker

This is my new wallpaper for Sony PlayStation 3.
It is wallpaper to one of my most favorite game, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Wallker.
I personally love this game, it is wonderful game. I played the PSP version (I bought PSP because of it) and also the HD collection version. This game is really great in every aspect, story, gameplay... everything, just a masterpiece. 小島秀夫 (Hideo Kojima) is genius.

I really hope fans of MGS: PW will like this wallpaper.

Name: PS3 - MGS: Peace Walker
Game: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
Resolution: 1920x1080
Link: http://www.thevideogamegallery.com/gallery/image:942
Wallpaper made from:
- 19 layers
- 6 renders
- 1 vector*
- 17 masks
- 7 adjustments
- 7 layer styles
*MGS: Peace Walker logo, made by DisAstranagant

More wallpapers for PS3 XMB are here

Sunday, November 4, 2012

IkkiTousen - Army

My new 一騎当千 wallpaper.
What to say to this wallpaper. I just wanted to make wallpaper with this following images of Ryofu, Ryomou and Hakufu. But only with the three of them it was hollow. Then I remembered I wanted also use this great image of Kan'u in some wallpaper.
I also added "shadows" of two more characters. One is Chou'un Shiryuu and the second is the new character from Vol.19, Yagyu Mitsuyoshi (柳生三厳).
And the I added one more character. It is only very little, but when you will watch it carefully you will find Ryuubi.
All characters are original art by the manga creator 雄二塩崎 (Shiozaki Yuji).

Name: Army
Series: IkkiTousen
Resolution: 1920x1200 | 1600x1200
- 1920x1200 (16:10): http://www.theanimegallery.com/gallery/image:155119
- 1600x1200 (4:3): http://www.theanimegallery.com/gallery/image:155117
Wallpaper made from:
- 21 layers
- 4 renders
- 21 masks
- 1 adjustments
- 7 layer styles

More wallpapers to 一騎当千 (IkkiTousen) are here

Monday, October 15, 2012

PS3 - Valkyria Chronicles - Selvaria

And here is my new wallpaper for PS3.
It is to one of the best games for PS3, wait, not only for PS3 but to one of the best games ever, to Valkyria Chronicles.
This wallpaper was little spontaneity, at first I was working on Valkyria Chronicles 2 PS3 wallpaper, but I have decided to make a Selvaria Bles one.
I used the Selvaria Bles illustrated made by Raita, the original character designer of Valkyria Chronicles.
I really hope that the fans of Valkyria Chronicles will like this wallpaper.

Name: PS3 - Valkyria Chronicles - Selvaria
Game: Valkyria Chronicles
Resolution: 1920x1080
Links: http://www.theanimegallery.com/gallery/image:154057
Wallpaper made from:
- 14 layers
- 2 renders
- 11 masks
- 2 adjustments
- 5 layer styles

Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. - Dive

My new wallpaper to my most favorite series which is based on my most favorite manga. In other words, to the series Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
OK, this is not totally new wallpaper, it is a second and widescreen version of my old wallpaper.
A week ago (or so) have IGC told me: "you could made a HD version of it", so I have made :-P
It differ from the old wallpaper in the color scale and in the background. I wanted to make a effect like the camera follows the "dive" of Motoko.
I hope you will like it.

Name: Dive
Series: Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C.
Resolution: 1920x1200
Links: http://www.theanimegallery.com/gallery/image:154056
Wallpaper made from:
- 11 layers
- 2 renders
- 4 masks
- 5 adjustments
- 3 layer styles

PS: I would like to thanks the author of the vector of Motoko. I have the image from internet and I don't know the original source, it is long ago. (if you are the author then please contact me so I can add you to description)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Appleseed - Specialists

I was planing to make wallpaper to Appleseed long ago, so finally I have made one.

Base of this wallpaper is Deunan Knute & Briareos Hecatonchires. Image of them is from the the artbook Intron Depot 1. I have decide for this image because I love the look in Deunen's eyes, the eyes are just wonderful.
The Mobile Fortresses is also from one of the images in Intron Depot 1.
Inspiration to this wallpaper I have taken from other illustration by 士郎正宗 (Shirow Masamune).
I wanted to make this wallpaper little close to original art by 士郎正宗, but it was very hard. 士郎正宗 is just the best illustrator and his illustrations are very detailed and complex. I can not compare with him in any way.
I really hope you will like this wallpaper to the great manga Appleseed.

Name: Specialists
Series: Appleseed
Resolution: 1920x1200
Links: http://www.theanimegallery.com/gallery/image:153725
Wallpaper made from:
- 99 layers
- 2 renders
- 57 masks
- 3 adjustments
- and around 60 layer styles
This is wallpaper with the most layers, masks and side works I have done so far.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

IkkiTousen Dragon Destiny - The Battle of Sekiheki

This is my new 一騎当千 Dragon Destiny wallpaper.
This wallpaper was not in my "to do list", but I got inspiration. Lately I have played Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and the inspiration is from one of images to this great game.
I have worked on this wallpaper yesterday after I have came home from work (19.IX.2012). It have take me around 6 hours to finish it.
And then I could not came out with name for it. I have think about the name next 2 hours and still nothing. Then I was going to sleep, so I lay down to bad and 'bang', suddenly I got the name :-)

Name: The Battle of Sekiheki
Series: Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny
Resolution: 2560x1600
Links: http://www.theanimegallery.com/gallery/image:153375
Wallpaper made from:
- 14 layers
- 1 vector -> Sonsaku Hakufu (Ryuu)
- 5 renders
- 11 masks
- 9 adjustments

More wallpapers to 一騎当千 (IkkiTousen) are here

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Hello everyone,
In last time I have no time to make wallpaper. It is because of work and also of Diablo III.
But I have some wallpapers started or I have plans to make. So here is a list what I plan to make or have already started:

Bakuretsu TenshiJo50%2013
Valkyria Chronicles (PS3 XMB)Selvaria Blesfinished
IkkiTousenRyomou Shimei
IkkiTousenSonsaku Hakufu
CANNANAlpard Alshaya & Cannanfinished
CANNANAlpard Alshaya & Liang Qi
NarutoAnko Mitarashi
BleachYoruichi Shihouin
AppleseedBriareos & Deunanfinished

Mahou Shoujo AiAi5%2013-2015
Wellber no MonogatariTina Lothar10%2013-2015
IkkiTousenKan'u & Ryuubi

Estimated time of arrival (ETA) is only orientation, I will promise nothing, because I don't know how I will have free time.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

IkkiTousen - Leaders & Warriors

Two new wallpapers to the series 一騎当千 Dragon Destiny (IkkiTousen: Dragon Destiny).
First wallpaper is with Sonsaku Hakufu and Ryuubi Gentoku and I named it "Leaders".
The second is with Kan'u Unchou and Ryomou Shimei and the name I give to it, is "Warriors".
Characters are original design by 塩崎雄二 (Shiozaki Yuji) the creator of the manga 一騎当千 (IkkiTousen).
I have also add in the "Leaders" wallpaper two so coled "eastern eggs". Both are on the the books that Ryuubi holds in hands:
- one is on the top book. The name of the book is 三國演義, what is the original title of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. For those that don't know, IkkiTousen is based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
- the second is on the red book in the middle. The name of the book is 塩崎雄二の伝記, what in English is Biography of Yuji Shiozaki. I just wanted to add there something more so I decided for this one.
This two wallpapers are similar to my previous IkkiTousen wallpaper "一騎当千 完全新作始動 - Rivals" and to my older wallpapers "Hakufu and Bachou" and "Ryomou and Kan'u".
Thanks to elfe-noire43 for the dragon vector I have used in both wallpapers.

Name: Leaders - Hakufu & Ryuubi
Series: Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny
Resolution: 1920x1200
Links: http://www.theanimegallery.com/image/149335

Wallpaper is made from:
- 12 layers
- 1 renders
- 13 masks
- 6 adjustments

Name: Warriors - Kan'u & Ryomou
Series: Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny
Resolution: 1920x1200
Links: http://www.theanimegallery.com/image/149334

Wallpaper is made from:
- 10 layers
- 1 renders
- 11 masks
- 5 adjustments

More wallpapers to 一騎当千 (IkkiTousen) are here

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fate/Unlimited Codes - Darkness

Fate/Unlimited Codes wallpaper from me.
When I have see this image first time, I have decided to use it to make wallpaper. Rider and Dark Saber looks there really good and also are original designed by 武内 崇 (Takashi Takeuchi) from Type-Moon and I really like his art.
Wallpaper is made in two aspect ratios, so one is standard (4:3 (1600x1200)) and the second is widescreen (16:10 (1920x1200)).
I have used different logo in 4:3 then in 16:10 version.

Name: Darkness
Series: Fate/Unlimited Codes
Resolution & Links:
- 1920x1200
- 1600x1200

Wallpaper is made from:
- 15 layers
- 2 renders
- 9 masks
- 5 adjustments

More wallpapers to Fate/Stay-Night (フェイト/ステイナイト) are here

Sunday, April 15, 2012

update of Wallpapers page

Just finished "little" update of Wallpapers page.
Why "little"?? On the first look it seems almost the same, but I have completely redone the page. The biggest change is "inside". Changed to TABLE form, it will lighten me to add my new wallpapers.
But for visitors, so for you are most important the next updates.

Update (6 April 2012):
- added horizontal line to separate series
- added Japan names of series (in list soon)
- added "(?)" to adult image. When clicking on it, you will be directed to note about the adult image on the top of page.
- added the preview of version 2 (v2) / alternative version. Just move mouse on the preview of wallpaper and it will change to the v2.

Update 2 (15 April 2012):
- added Japan names to series/game/artist list
- added number of wallpapers to the series/game/artist list
- added note to the series/game/artist list
- added "↑ Series | ↑ Games | ↑ Artist" on end of each series. When clicking on one of these it will bring you to the series/game/artist list.

PS: Some more updates soon (maybe tomorrow).

Saturday, April 14, 2012

一騎当千 完全新作始動 - Rivals

After one mount I have made new 一騎当千 (IkkiTousen) wallpaper.
More exact it is wallpaper to 一騎当千 完全新作始動 (Ikkitousen: Shuugaku Toushi Keppuu-roku).
孫策伯符 (Sonsaku Hakufu) & 関羽雲長 (Kan'u Unchou) are original art by 雄二塩崎 (Shiozaki Yuji), the author of 一騎当千.
It is only a simple wallpaper and it have not take much time to make.
The wallpaper is similar to 一騎当千 Xtreme Xecutor wallpapers that I have made some time ago: "Hakufu and Bachou" and "Ryomou and Kan'u"

Name: Rivals
Series: Ikkitousen: Shuugaku Toushi Keppuu-roku
Resolution: 1920x1200
Link: http://www.theanimegallery.com/image/147338
Rating: Adult image (?)

Wallpaper is made from:
- 10 layers
- 4 masks
- 3 adjustments

More wallpapers to 一騎当千 (IkkiTousen) are here

PS: hope you will like it.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

一騎当千 Sonsaku Hakufu

My new wallpaper is to the series 一騎当千 (IkkiTousen) with the main character, Sonsaku Hakufu.

I started this wallpaper some time ago, and yesterday (10.III.2012) I have decided to finish it. I had a need to do something, because in the last days I'm only in my work and have no time for anything else. So I have used my only one free day to finish this wallpaper.
Hakufu used on my wallpaper is from the cover of manga Vol.17 so the original art is by the author of IkkiTouse, 雄二 塩崎 (Yuji Shiozaki)
This wallpaper was inspired with the preview/introduction of playable characters in 一騎当千 Xcross Impact

Name: Sonsaku Hakufu
Resolution: 1920x1200
Likn: http://www.theanimegallery.com/image/146167

Wallpaper is made from:
- 4 renders
- 16 layers
- 2 vectors
- 8 masks

More wallpapers to 一騎当千 (IkkiTousen) are here

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fate/Stay Night - Saber for Bad Girl

My new wallpaper is made for my friend Bad Girl.
It is wallpaper to the series Fate/Stay Night with the character Saber.

Name: Saber
Series: Fate/Stay Night
Resolution: 1920x1200
Link: http://www.theanimegallery.com/image/145647

Wallpaper is made from:
- 12 layers
- 4 masks
- 2 renders
- 3 adjustment

More wallpapers to Fate/Stay-Night (フェイト/ステイナイト) are here

Monday, January 30, 2012

PS3 - Final Fantasy VII

My new wallpaper for PS3's XrossMediaBar
Made to one of my most favorite game ever, to Final Fantasy VII.
I have used the original characters design made for DISSIDIA: Final Fantasy, because I really like it, so it should be more in the category DISSIDIA: Final Fantasy, but I have decide make and classify it like FF7.
On the background I have used a screenshot of Lifestream from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (so little worst quality).

Name: PS3 - Final Fantasy VII
Series: Final Fantasy VII
Resolution: 1920x1080
Link: http://www.theanimegallery.com/image/144573

Wallpaper is made from:
- 11 layers
- 1 mask
- 3 character renders found on web
- 1 adjustment

PS: thanks to IGC for the priority validation.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

PS3 - Valkyria Chronicles

My new wallpaper is made for the PlayStation 3 XrossMediaBar.
It is wallpaper to one of my most favorite games, Valkyria Chronicles. I was planing very long to make some wallpaper to this great game and also I planed to make wallpaper for the PS3 XMB, so now I have killed two flies with one hit :-)
The wallpaper is simple and it have not take very long to make it.

In the future I plan to make some more wallpapers for the XMB.

Name: PS3 - Valkyria Chronicles
Series: Valkyria Chronicles
Resolution: 1920x1080
Link: http://www.theanimegallery.com/image/144180

Wallpaper is made from:
- 10 layers
- 5 masks
- 3 renders (2 from web)
- and some adjustments

Monday, January 2, 2012

DOMINION - AnnaPuma & UniPuma

My first wallpaper of the Year 2012.
Wallpaper to the manga by 士郎 正宗 (Shirow Masamune) Dominion: Tank Police with AnnaPuma and UniPuma.

I was thinking long ago that I should made more wallpapers based on 士郎 正宗 mangas. So I have made this wallpaper. I have made this wallpaper little "simple" and I wanted to have it little like manga cover.
In the future I plan to made some more wallpaper based on art by the "god of manga and art" 士郎 正宗.

Name: AnnaPuma & UniPuma
Series: Dominion: Tank Police
Resolutions & Links:
- 1920x1200
- 1600x1200

Wallpaper is made from:
- 3 renders
- 38 layers
- 10 masks

More wallpapers to Dominion: Tank police (ドミニオン) are here
More wallpapers with art by 士郎正宗千 (Shirow Masamune) are here

PS: thanks to Charlie for the priority validation.