Monday, January 2, 2012

DOMINION - AnnaPuma & UniPuma

My first wallpaper of the Year 2012.
Wallpaper to the manga by 士郎 正宗 (Shirow Masamune) Dominion: Tank Police with AnnaPuma and UniPuma.

I was thinking long ago that I should made more wallpapers based on 士郎 正宗 mangas. So I have made this wallpaper. I have made this wallpaper little "simple" and I wanted to have it little like manga cover.
In the future I plan to made some more wallpaper based on art by the "god of manga and art" 士郎 正宗.

Name: AnnaPuma & UniPuma
Series: Dominion: Tank Police
Resolutions & Links:
- 1920x1200
- 1600x1200

Wallpaper is made from:
- 3 renders
- 38 layers
- 10 masks

More wallpapers to Dominion: Tank police (ドミニオン) are here
More wallpapers with art by 士郎正宗千 (Shirow Masamune) are here

PS: thanks to Charlie for the priority validation.

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