Sunday, April 15, 2012

update of Wallpapers page

Just finished "little" update of Wallpapers page.
Why "little"?? On the first look it seems almost the same, but I have completely redone the page. The biggest change is "inside". Changed to TABLE form, it will lighten me to add my new wallpapers.
But for visitors, so for you are most important the next updates.

Update (6 April 2012):
- added horizontal line to separate series
- added Japan names of series (in list soon)
- added "(?)" to adult image. When clicking on it, you will be directed to note about the adult image on the top of page.
- added the preview of version 2 (v2) / alternative version. Just move mouse on the preview of wallpaper and it will change to the v2.

Update 2 (15 April 2012):
- added Japan names to series/game/artist list
- added number of wallpapers to the series/game/artist list
- added note to the series/game/artist list
- added "↑ Series | ↑ Games | ↑ Artist" on end of each series. When clicking on one of these it will bring you to the series/game/artist list.

PS: Some more updates soon (maybe tomorrow).

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