Sunday, June 17, 2012


Hello everyone,
In last time I have no time to make wallpaper. It is because of work and also of Diablo III.
But I have some wallpapers started or I have plans to make. So here is a list what I plan to make or have already started:

Bakuretsu TenshiJo50%2013
Valkyria Chronicles (PS3 XMB)Selvaria Blesfinished
IkkiTousenRyomou Shimei
IkkiTousenSonsaku Hakufu
CANNANAlpard Alshaya & Cannanfinished
CANNANAlpard Alshaya & Liang Qi
NarutoAnko Mitarashi
BleachYoruichi Shihouin
AppleseedBriareos & Deunanfinished

Mahou Shoujo AiAi5%2013-2015
Wellber no MonogatariTina Lothar10%2013-2015
IkkiTousenKan'u & Ryuubi

Estimated time of arrival (ETA) is only orientation, I will promise nothing, because I don't know how I will have free time.

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