Thursday, September 20, 2012

IkkiTousen Dragon Destiny - The Battle of Sekiheki

This is my new 一騎当千 Dragon Destiny wallpaper.
This wallpaper was not in my "to do list", but I got inspiration. Lately I have played Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and the inspiration is from one of images to this great game.
I have worked on this wallpaper yesterday after I have came home from work (19.IX.2012). It have take me around 6 hours to finish it.
And then I could not came out with name for it. I have think about the name next 2 hours and still nothing. Then I was going to sleep, so I lay down to bad and 'bang', suddenly I got the name :-)

Name: The Battle of Sekiheki
Series: Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny
Resolution: 2560x1600
Wallpaper made from:
- 14 layers
- 1 vector -> Sonsaku Hakufu (Ryuu)
- 5 renders
- 11 masks
- 9 adjustments

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