Wednesday, February 13, 2013

CANAAN - Rainbow in the Dark

My new wallpapers is to the series CANAAN.
This wallpapers are inspired by the song Rainbow in the Dark from the band Dio led by metal legend Ronnie James Dio.
I have redo this wallpaper four times to end up with this version. I had the idea maybe a year ago, but I could not end up to give it the right shape. But Monday (11.II.2013), I have take a little pause in work, closed eyes and listen to this great song... And finally I have see it.

Name: Rainbow in the Dark
Series: CANAAN
Resolution: 1920x1200
- Alphard version:
- Canaan version:
I wanted to catch few things from the lyrics:
  • Rainbow
    - Alphard and Canaan are "the rainbows" left in the dark. All the characters of CANAAN were like lost in the darkness, so thats is why I think it suits to lyrics: "You've been left on your own, Like a rainbow in the dark".
  • Dark
    - ... what to tell to this, hmmm, don't know, the wallpaper just needed to be dark.
  • Lighting
    - it is pretty dominant in the wallpaper, it shows the freedom which both want to, some light in the dark (Canaan have found it).
  • image caught in time
    - this is interpreted with the clocks and the image of Alphard/Canaan "swallowed by the darkness". This should also remind on one of the last scenes from the anime, in the gallery where Maria stands before the pictures she took.
Wallpapers made from:
Alphard version | Canaan version
13 layers 14 layers
- 2 vectors
- 1 render
- 1 vector
- 2 render
9 masks 13 masks
6 adjustments 8 adjustments
8 layer styles 8 layer styles

PS: I really thanking to the author of the vectors of Canaan & Alphard. If you know (or you are) the author of them, please contact me so I can provide proper crediting.

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