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Ghost in the Shell - live action movie... my thoughts

Hello everyone.
This post is not about my works.
Here are just my thoughts to the upcoming Ghost in the Shell (攻殻機動隊) live action movie. I say it directly... I have my doubts about a live action adaptations. I have fear that they will ruin the good name of Ghost in the Shell.
We did see few live action movies adapted from manga/anime by "Hollywood", like Dragonball: Evolution or lately Kite. And this movies are just terrible!!!
If they just go and make a remake of the original anime GitS movie (from 1994), then I think it will be... let's say not good. But if they make a new story only inspired by the manga, then I think it can have a good chance.
Why I think so? If you have read the manga and have see all the anime adaptations then you have probably notice where I'm going, if not then I explain. Every anime is not exact adaptation of manga. The movies, so GitS (1994) and Innocence (2004) are closest to the manga. GitS (1994) is mostly inspired by the last chapters of the manga with scenes and "things" from other chapters. Innocence (2004) is mostly inspired by the chapter 06, but it is not exact adaptation of the manga.
Now to the series Stand Alone Complex (+2nd. GIG) and the movie Solid State Society. Mostly it have nothing same with the manga besides characters and setting. But if you have read the manga and watched SAC them, you will find little things that are taken from manga, like few scenes, example is the chapter 04. Tachikomas in SAC did have similar discussion.
And the latest OVA, GitS:ARISE, have basically "nothing" to do with the original manga.
What I trying to say is this: Every anime version of Ghost in the Shell is great! Really great and unique! And thats what I think make it one of the best ever, that it is alway unique.
And that is my point, if they will just try to make a the live action movie copy of the "old" GitS movie, then I doubt it will be good. Or maybe it will be good movie, but without any 'ghost', just a copy, a empty copy.

Now to the cast. At first I could not really imagine someone who could play Motoko.
But then I heard the latest news that Scarlett Johansson (IMDB, Wiki) did get offer for the role (info: 1, 2). And I need to tell... that she really can be very good choice. I know, it is still not official, but maybe Scarlett can be the best choice for role of Motoko.
Here is why, Motoko is one of the most badass characters in manga/anime and like we did see in Avengers or in CA:Winter Soldier, Scarlett Johansson aka Black Widow can be also really badass.
Even more why I think she is the right choice is this, Motoko dose have a great ass, and like we all know Scarlett dose have one great ass too :-P
Oh, and I forgot to mention a important thing, that she is good actress.

I know that now is hard to tell what they will make with the movie and what the final result will be. Even if Scarlett Johansson will be perfect as Motoko that does not mean that the movie will be great if they will f*ck up the rest... like not even a star like Samuel L. Jackson did not saved Kite.
One of my last concern is that they will make it with too much action and the "hard psychological staff" will be on the edge.

OK, this is longer then I expected, but that is all.
If you think the same like me or my thoughts was interesting for you then please share. Or if you have something to say leave a comment.
Oh, and don't forget check my GitS wallpapers.
Thanks for reading :-)

PS: Please pardon any grammatic errors, English is not my native language.

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