Saturday, December 6, 2014

Monster Hunter - Let's start the hunt

Let's start the hunt! Or my new Monster Hunter wallpaper.
I did not really expected to make any new wallpaper this year (I don't plan to make any Xmas wallpaper like the last years). But for some reason I did have "nothing" to do + free time & also did have a idea for this wall.
This wallpaper was really fast complete (for my standards).
Like by my previous Monster Hunter wallpaper I used characters illustrated by Kizuki Aruchu (Official Page | Twitter | Pixiv).
I hope you will like it.

Name: Let's start the hunt
Series: Monster Hunter @ tAG | tVGG
Resolution & Link:
1920x1200: tAG | tVGG
1920x1080: tAG | tVGG

Wallpaper made from:
- 37 layers
-- 3 renders (+ 8*)
- 27 masks
- 0 adjustments
- 5 layer styles
- characters by Kizuki Aruchu (Official Page | Twitter | Pixiv)
- brushes by SyanArt
* monsters from Monter Hunter Wikia

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