Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ghost in the Shell - live action movie... my thoughts (2)

Continuation to: Ghost in the Shell - live action movie... my thoughts.
I just read some news about the Ghost in the Shell live action movie, and that people want some Japanese actresses to play Motoko instead of Scarlett Johansson. I understand that.
But... I personally don't think she is wrong choice, the wrong choice is that, that Hollywood is making this movie, or in other words it is not made by Japan movie studio. Or maybe that fact that even try to make a live action movie.

OK, so to cast. Why I don't think Scarlett is wrong choice and it can work? Because she play Motoko Kusanagi in the world of Ghost in the Shell (this sound stupid I know :-P).
Most important is the question where and when will be the movie set, like will it be in New Port City or in some other place (like the GitS:SAC - 2nd GiG ep.18 was in Berlin).
Motoko is full cyborg (you all know that), so the body she is "using" is just one what is best suited for the situation (working in Japan). Later she even use a remote controlled bodies (see image left). So Scarlett-Motoko can be only one of them. What I want to tell is that if they make a good explanation why she is not Japanese it can work (but I really doubt they will). Maybe if the story will take mostly place outside of Japan and Motoko was forced because of the mission to change body, then it can work.
But if it will be ONLY a remake of the original anime movie from 1994... then it will be just bad!

The problem now is that we don't know anything about the story. We don't know nothing! What we know is only this:
- director: Rupert Sanders
- writer: William Wheeler
- cast: Scarlett Johansson
We don't know the setting, we don't know rest of the cast... just nothing.

Like a big fan of Ghost in the Shell I would like to see a great movie, but I really doubt that this will be it. Just because I did see the live adaptations of other anime/manga series made by "Hollywood"...
Still it can be good, but at this point I'm really skeptic about it.

Thanks for reading & if you would like a GitS wallpaper here you can find some.

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