Saturday, October 8, 2016

First Assault - Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Hello everyone.
My new wallpaper to the game based on my most favorite manga and anime, to Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online. Not the longest name.. but just to save some time I will refer to it only as First Assault :-P
Right after I started to play the Early access of the game I wanted to make a wallpaper, but there where almost no resources material to work with... Luckily, Nexon/First Assault did published a Fan Kit (view | download), so I started to work on my fan made wallpaper.
I wanted to "stay" with the style near the official wallpapers, but add something from me... I did used the character concept art images of Motoko, Batou & the game exclusive character Mavel from the Fan Kit. For the background I used the City background that can be also found in the Fan Kit.
I did re-used some assets from my previous wallpapers (because I'm lazy piece of shit to make new once (obviously)).
I hope fans of GitS will like it and also everyone else ;-)

Oh, and try out First Assault, it is free to play and available on Steam.

Name: First Assault
Game: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online
Resolution & Link: 2560x1600 (16:10)
hmm... how many people will find the little "ester egg" and know it??

Wallpaper made from:
- 41 layers
- 18 masks
- 0 adjustments
- 5 layer styles
- the already mentioned Official Fan Kit (view | download)

PS: If you want to see some gameplay of First Assault (and me failing) I recorded few my matches. You can see them on my YouTube channel.
PS (2): I will maybe post a little review of the game.. maybe

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