Wednesday, November 9, 2016

IkkiTousen - Reading is Fun

New wallpaper.
And once again to IkkiTousen... But after long time with Ryuubi.
I think Ryuubi is the very underrated character from IkkiTousen... She is very kind, friendly, cute, little naive & she love to read books. She is the type of girl you would not really give attention at first and probably the last girl you would notice in a bar (yet it in presence of girls like Kan'u & Chou'un), but with more time you would spend time with her, you would slowly fall for her.

To the wallpaper. Even it is a simple looking one, it did take me more time than expected. It is because I just could not find the right way. With many tries, many layers and no results, with nothing I would be satisfied I started from zero.
Changed totally color schema and rejected the idea of the background (because of which I did go over photos from Japan and wasted time, plus did fell in little depression that I want to go there and... nothing.. not important.. out of topic).

And I know that it dose not fit to the season, but I wanted something colorful :)
Hope you will like it.

Name: Reading is Fun
Series: Ikkitousen
Resolution & Link:
2560x1600 (16:10)

Wallpaper made from:
- 44 layers
-- 3 renders
- 11 masks
- 3 adjustments
- 3 layer styles
- Beautiful Pink Spring Branch with Falling Petals PNG Clipart

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