Sunday, August 19, 2018

Bad News once again

Hello. I do have bad news, once again.
Both sites, &, where I host my wallpapers are currently down because of technical issue on server... So it means: ALL my works are currently unavailable :(

I really don't know how long will this take to get them back online, but probably it will take some time.
I thinking about to make my own little site for my works, but not sure if I will have time to make it. Also not sure about hosting service & all the costs of it. Or I just will host full version on Google Drive/Dropbox/etc. and link to them from this blog... I certainly want to let all my works for free. Even if I would make my own page I would still let all my works, old and upcoming on both mentioned sites, because I'm part of them and without tAG I would probably not even make wallpapers.

Have a nice day and I hope my next post will be with some good news.

PS: During my free time I mostly play Monster Hunter: World, that is also the reason I did not make any new wallpapers (over 700 hours in the game)... sometime I stream it on twitch

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